Monday, 1 December 2008

You've been Slade

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Christmas is nearly upon us and I'm trying to cobble together a decent Christmas compilation (If that's not an oxymoron) . I've got to 12 tracks so far, So further suggestions are most welcome. So far I've snared the obvious candidates, yer Low and yer Phil Spector efforts, so you've got your work cut out, if you decide to take up the cudgel.

You never seem to hear the Glitter Band's Another Rock and Roll Christmas these days. I wonder why on earth that could be?


Pearl Previn said...

joni mitchell's river works for the recluse and despondent.

Pearl Previn said...

since you're my only follower/commenter...

1.correct. mission bells.
4.the microphones - i want to be cold
5.the noisettes - burn
6. !!! - must be the moon
7. suburban kids with biblical names - noodles
8. correct :)
9. all girl summer fun band - it's there
10. new order - age of consent
11. portishead - magic doors
12. eagles of death metal - heart on
13. correct
14. correct (but buzzcocks for me)
15. the roches - the married men
16. correct
17. correct
18. correct (but aretha for me)
19. correct
20. correct
21. rogue wave - 10:1
22. correct
23. correct
24. correct
25. little joy - the next time around.

not too shabby, there...

James said...

I think Merry Xmas Everybody is underrated - the guitar is good and the use of the second-person interrogative in the verses is quite sophisticated - for glam rock anyway! You could even make a case that it undermines the straightforwardly celebratory tone of the chorus, creating the kind of subversive subtext Cultural Ctudies students revel in.

It was briefly my favourite ever record when it came out - I was 6.

rhinestonecatboy said...

I don't mind Merry Christmas Everyone at all, until you mentioned it, I'd not really thought about the third person narrative or its use of repeated rhetorical questions. Of the canonical Christmas hits my favourite is Wizard's 'I wish it could be Christmas every day'